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About WIC Global Europe

We are a British investment company engaged in investing in assets which carry timeless value. We offer our clients a traditional and proven way to invest and preserve value for future generations.

WIC Europe companies

WIC Global Europe PLC in the UK
WIC EUROPE Slovakia a.s.
TUMICO Ltd in Tanzania

Our portfolio


Production and sale of certified jewellery with a return of approximately 20% p.a.


Sale of jewellery with precious stones with a return of approximately 15% p.a.


Mining of precious stones in Tanzania

Profit from the entire process of:

Gemstone mining

We are partners in a mining company in Tanzania which owns three mining sites. These are opencast mines, which keeps our mining costs low.

Gemstone trading

Some of the production extracted from the mines is used in the production of imitation jewellery, mainly on the Indian and Chinese markets. High-quality stones are imported to Europe for processing.

Jewellery production and sales

High-quality stones are delivered to gemmological laboratories for processing, polishing and certification. Certified stones are used in the production of luxury jewellery sold in our showrooms.

We care

Our company operates on the basis of an ethical code and fully supports the social and environmental development of the area given.

As a company, we have undertaken to:

To build a local school of stone cutting in the Tunduru region and to build a road and enable traffic to hard-to-get-to mining places. Participate in the establishment of an orphanage as part of our assistance with the social program in the project’s second phase and actively contribute to the redevelopment of the agricultural sector in line with the use of licenses for mining in the post-production phase.


Our partners